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Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership produces information leaflets on various topics to provide guidance to people wishing to encourage biodiversity in their environment.  You can download these leaflets by clicking on the list below.

Farming and Wildlife (English)
Farming and Wildlife (Welsh)
Information for landowners who wish to improve their farm / small holding for wildlife.  It includes 10 simple steps you can take to change your farm to encourage wildlife and provides contact details of people who are here to support you.

Fish Menu Diversity – There are plenty more fish in the sea, so why not diversify your menu? (English version only)
Information for anyone who loves to eat fish but is concerned that commercial fish stocks are declining. 

Marine Spotters Guide. (English)

Marine Spotters Guide. (Welsh)

Contact details of where you can send records of interesting sightings of marine life.

Pembrokeshire Environmental Volunteer Network flyer (bilingual)
A flyer explaining what the Pembrokeshire Environmental Volunteer Network is and how to get involved.

School’s Grounds Handbook (English version only)
A step by step guide to developing a wildlife garden in your school grounds in Pembrokeshire.

Wildlife Gardening – plant list (English version only)
A list of what plants you can choose for your garden to encourage wildlife.

Wildlife Gardening – sources of information (English version only)
A list of where you can find more information on wildlife gardening.