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Welcome to the Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership Website.

The Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership is a collection of organisations and individuals working to conserve, promote and enhance biodiversity in Pembrokeshire.

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is, literally, life on earth. It is all living plants and animals (including humankind), their genetic variation and the ecosystems on which they and we depend.  Biodiversity is everywhere: in gardens, fields, hedgerows, mountains, cliffs and in the sea.  Biodiversity represents quality of life.

Why form a Biodiversity Partnership?

The partnership is made up of several organisations in Pembrokeshire. Together they have written a Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) available to download from this website.  The broad aim of the Pembrokeshire LBAP is to co-ordinate existing and initiate and co-ordinate new actions to conserve and enhance biodiversity in Pembrokeshire, taking account of local and national priorities.

In order to write and implement the LBAP, several organisations work together through the Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership.  We are building on existing partnerships and initiatives and developing new networks and mechanisms to deliver the LBAP.  The LBAP is designed as a reference document to aid decisions being made by any land managers to ensure a co-ordinated approach to protecting our locally distinct wildlife.

Whilst attention is inevitably focused on our rarer species, or on habitats that are covered by international or national designations for nature conservation, the more common species and habitats and the potential of farmland and urban spaces to contribute to the area, which must not be overlooked. Our more familiar hedgerow flowers and garden birds are also indicators of the general health of the countryside, and losses of these should set biodiversity alarm bells ringing.

Who are the members of the Biodiversity Partnership?

The partners come from various sectors including local government, statutory bodies, non-governmental organisations like wildlife charities and interest support groups (farming, community, landowners, and education)  as well as businesses.
The Members


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